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▶️▶️▶️Critical Strike : Gun Shooting Game is a new android game. Critical Strike : Gun Shooting Game is a FPS Shooting/Action game. The graphics and sound quality of the game is very good. It is one of the best android game of 2019. Android game reviews, Best android games free, Best games for android,best android games, Best Android Games GamePlay, android gameplay 1080p, top android games, new android games 2019 for staying updated keep visiting my channel.




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Critical strike is a fast-paced action shooter free to play game. This game is developed specially for users who are interested in Realistic combat mechanics games. In this gun shooting game, as we talk about graphics, here you will experience realistic battlefield in Desert, Port, and Snow 3d environment. Thus, the game has three regions which have different maps of free fire . In all these scenarios, you will experience realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment. After the graphics comes the shooting guns with which your going to hunt down your enemies. As you are a top shooter, so the developers have given you the best gun for free fire which includes the world best sniper 3d. As you are playing gun shooting game, so you are provided with many assault rifles and war weapons that will prove handy in your missions. In addition to this, you are given auxiliary weapons which include Huge weapon artillery including 12 Guns, Assault weapons, sniper Guns and sniper rifles. Therefore, critical strike is going to give you the best all kinds of action games and free fire experience as it has unique battlefields and immersive weapon range.

Next thing that come in this free fire game is the missions and scenarios of genuine battlegrounds. As critical strike is a Counter Terrorist Gun Shooting Game, so you are going to encounter many Counter Terrorist missions. Critical Strike has immersive action filled missions where you will use cutting-edge weapon. As this classic hardcore FPS games progresses, you will have to complete combat sniper stealth missions. In these missions, you will target based on radar instructions and attack the enemy base. During the player attacks, you will have to make sure that no fire shall escape all targets. Now, in this next phase of critical missions within the game, the mission gets tougher. For these counter terrorist missions, you have trained hunter SWAT special counter terrorist attack forces agent. As an agent, his is the kill job. You will have to mark your suspects right now and with the best image taken from Radar Vision positioning you can free to fire shoot the targets. With all this fun in this gun games which you can play anytime and attack the right targets.

In this gun games you will have the best offline game of 2019 and critical strike is an all games package. So, explore stealth shooter with your skill. Kill the enemies and use your top commander wisely. So have fun with this best game ever made. Rate and review us.

Enjoy Critical Strike: Gun shooting game with features of :

– Amazing Graphics & Sounds

– Best shooting Experience

– Realistic Gun shooting

-Critical Gun Strike

-Free fire missions

-fast-paced action game

-crucial batllegrounds