A classic western gunslinger developed by Human Head Studios and published by Atari for the original XBOX console and PC in 2004. This is the XBOX version we’re presenting here.

Dead Man’s Hand is fast-paced first-person shooter, with arcade like game play. While fun to play, the game falls short in terms of its sluggish frame rates. Though, the graphics seem decent enough for a game that was developed back in 2004, with eye appealing stages set in western themed village and cliff scenes.

Most stages are wide open and free roaming atmosphere’s, while others are more linear in nature, taking you along a guided path to the end of a given stage.

Its essentially a game of cowboys and Indians, complete with boss battles.

Ironically, the game gets its name, “Dead Man’s Hand”, from the classic folk story surrounding the classic western lawman and folk hero “Wild Bill Hickok”; who was said to be hold a pair of black aces and black eights when he died.

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